A Different Approach
to Litigation

While pre-dispute and dispute- avoidance work have long been part of good legal practices, many attorneys today are taking a new look at the whole legal process. By being more aware of the backgrounds of the parties, more spiritually aware, and more psychologically educated, some attorneys are finding new ways to resolve disputes outside of the traditional courtroom process.

Rhonda Ross is one of those attorneys at the forefront of these exciting developments. She will work with you on your family law or other legal matters to make the process as painless as possible. Contact her today to make your next legal experience a pleasant one.

Divorce Lawyer

If you have ever faced family law issues, or if you are currently involved in a divorce, child custody or visitation matter, or if you have questions about child support, you understand the stress involved in working toward a conclusion. While we represent your interests as a spouse and parent, the Law Offices of Rhonda S. Ross also considers the welfare of your children and helps you make the best decisions for you and for them.


Proper navigation of an estate through probate is essential to the performance of any estate plan, and equally essential to the protection of an estate for which no plan was developed. Whether the planning for the estate with which you need assistance was done by us or by another firm, or there was no planning for it at all, we will go to work to help you efficiently and effectively protect and distribute the assets.