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Why Are Real Estate Deeds Recorded?

The process of recording a document is notice to the world. That is, the property has been sold or given to someone. Now, if you do not file or record your deed, if someone else buys that land without knowing that you have bought it and they take their deed and record it, they are going to have a better chance of being able to take that property than you will.

When Do I Need The Real Estate Deed?

You need a real estate deed whenever you need to sell or transfer the title to another person or to a corporation or to a trust.

When Does The Real Estate Deed Become Effective?

The real estate deed becomes effective when the deed is delivered to the buyer or the one who receives the property.

How Do I Use The Real Estate Deed Going Forward?

The deed is proof of ownership of the property and that is what you need to sell your real estate. If you do not have land, it is much more expensive to go back in history and build up any deeds that are not in your chain of title.

How Do You Take Ownership Of Property As Tenants In Common Or As Joint Tenant?

I recommend on the deed itself, in the space where you put the name or names of the buyers, insert the words “tenants in common” or “joint tenants”.

Does The Deed Have To Be Notarized, Witnessed Or Filed?

A deed must be notarized to make it enforceable and recordable. It must be filed to be noticed to the world. If it is not recorded, then you might be keeping yourself from being able to sell that property, because if someone else does get their deed filed, then they are the first ones to have notice to the world that they own that property.

Is A Trust Deed An Actual Deed?

If a trust owns the property or is receiving the property, then it is called a trust deed. A trust deed is a completely valid deed.

What Is A Transfer On Death Deed?

Transfer on Death Deed is a new name for the deed that is being used now in order for the property to go directly to the grantee upon the death of the holder of the deed, or the death of the grantor. It does not have to go through probate.

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